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Asbestos Free have the capabilities and expertise to facilitate all aspects of friable and non-friable asbestos removal. All our supervisors and workers are trained and licensed in accordance with WorkSafe guidelines and our process and procedures are well maintained through an audited safety management system conducted annually.

Contaminated soil


Asbestos contaminated soils have a significant impact on land if the areas are to be developed for sale or rental, or just normal building excavations. Having a specialist team in this field is key to making the right decision, our removal experts work with a team of licensed professionals who are qualified in-ground inspections and survey to ensure quality recommendations.


We also provide maintenance services and encapsulation of roofing products which are in good condition to protect them from damage, and the removal of other asbestos cement products such as sheds and fences.
The PCBU has a duty under the asbestos regulations to put together an effective management plan to ensure that asbestos is managed correctly and doesn’t pose a risk to others.
Asbestos Free can help with the management of asbestos which is remaining on-site to ensure it remains in good condition and also discuss management options ongoing.

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